Ag U mess, 28 MEPs miffed Usupashvili miffed back, Venice Commission comments on courts, minister bonus bomb, Vano says Zura’ll stay out, more old MoD fraud, Kelvachauri probs, Christian Dems & UNM, openness initiative by GoG, tax and biz ombudsman, new plane boss, Akhalaia back in Gldani, Meladze miffed re Channel 1, docs ticked, expensive USAID report, Center Point back on its own, Batumi cheap, foreign policy directions in parliament, water in Georgia, photo competition.

3 thoughts on “TBLPOD14march2013

  1. Batoni Kakha may be a very tough, prudent and pragmatic businessman, but I know of no other developing country in the world with a private agricultural university that generates profit in excess of the cost of capital, unless very heavily subvented by the state. I have assessed dozens of such investment proposals over the past 16 years, and none could realistically achieve returns above 3% p.a.

    I am sure Batoni Kakha knew this when he acquired it. GSAU is an imperfect institution and of course could improve its performance, but I have admiration for somebody who chooses to invest in a very risky venture to develop Georgia’s rural technological base, with a very modest local technological base to draw upon and a tremendously long payback time. “Whales” such as Batoni Kakha do not cross one’s bow very often, which the government should not forget.

  2. Regarding Center Point (CP), people’s major concern and doubt is about CP having support in new government. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have ended agreement with Dexus 10 month earlier its expiration date. It means that TI report about investigation is not considered by government and prosecutor’s office.
    Nothing changes even in new government and people continue to suffer.
    What is the way out of such situation?

  3. Members of Authorization Council:

    Kakhi Kurashvili – Chairman of the council, Professor of Law at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, Full Professor.

    Ioseb Salukvadze – Deputy Chairperson of the Council, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Full Professor.

    Gaiane Simonia – Council Secretary, Tbilisi State Medical University, Department of Internal Diseases, Full Professor, Head of the Center of Medical Education, Research and Strategic Development.

    Marina Kavtaradze – V.Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Head of Music History division, Associate Professor.

    Nino Dzotsenidze – Organizational Development Director at Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

    Konstantine Nanobashvili – Employers’ Association of Georgia, Executive Director.

    Rusudan Tkeshelashvili – Association of Educators of Georgia, President.

    Lali Ghogheliani – Technical University of Georgia, Full Professor, Chairperson of the Department of Construction Faculty, Centre of Professional Development of the Technical University.

    David Kakhniashvili – Association of private Schools of Georgia, Chairperson. School “Mtsignobartukhitsesi”, Director.

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