Reitingi botch, Alasania removal, Strasbourg occupation, Kvilashvili sounds off, Bedukadze out, Khukhashvili holding court, Vashakidze bolts, Khaduri Vano debate off, Misha now doesn’t want tax crimes, Shavi Shota back, shukiless restaurant in Tskhaltubo, Khaburdzania ends silence, Ded Hasan corps logistics, Kakheti flood cash, Tbl IDP apts, Genady Onishenko risks visit to Tbilisi, Misha protests, Abkhaz checkpoints, police ethics code, cash or Zviad’s Manana, Okruashvili on Zhvania, Labor code, Otsneba congress Feb, budget mess, Ilia & Kirill, Sagharadze passes, Pasha Bank, City cash, ed cash, Centre Point, Chinese, Tiflis Russian mag

5 thoughts on “TBLPOD24jan2013

  1. According to the TLG website, the program has been put on hold, but they expect to start recruiting teachers again in summer 2013. Any details on the why and what changes are going on in the program? Would love to hear it covered in the next episode.

  2. “Misha and Russians”
    Apparently, President keeps saying irritating phrases towards Russians as he used to. And, what results has such insulting attitude brought to Georgia? or where does it lead to?
    It seems Misha does not apply lessons learned function.
    Apart from that despite his fluency in Russian Language he did not answer Russian MP’s question about Human Rights violation and Prison abuse. Instead, he sarcastically highlighteded Human Rights violation in Russia.

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