Amnesty releases, gay videos, ag plot privatization suspended, Okruashvili out, UNM governors, constitutional amendments, Misha & BI with Ilia, Jazz kid bullied, ex-tax bosses and Cartu, Kaladze & Kakheti shuki, Bedukadze off interpol list, Edik says Misha’s trouble, Vano charges budget mess, MPs Karabakh & Panjikidze, Rezo Amashukeli’s genius, Mestia notary, new Ag loans, Chinese compound at Tbilisi Sea, Russia Georgia trucks, Georgian Water & Power yelled at, Ajara TV, Misha’s reserve Fund & Centre Point, poetry translated, gambling advertising, work first

4 thoughts on “TBLPOD17jan2013

  1. Perhaps this deal with Misha’s Reserve Fund was a payback to Center Point :)))).
    Because, in 2007-2008 the Center Point Group and its companies donated nearly GEL 900,000 to the
    UNM in the form of annual donations and election campaign donations.(http://www.transparency.ge/en/post/report/centre-point-group-georgia-s-biggest-construction-scandal).
    Centre Point Victims have been striving to make Rusudan Kervalishvili accountable for the crime she has committed. Hopefully, perseverance will pay off.

  2. Chinese Chamber of Commerce sources suggest that the Tbilisi Sea development is for 126,000 “people”, not 126,000 “Chinese people”. Given that increasing urbanisation is likely over the next decade, like most developing countries, then housing, industrial parks, commercial and retail areas will be needed over and above what exists now to meet the needs of the Georgian population.

    Hello from the Waldorf, great tea dances on Fridays…
    We British Georgian Societians like to sip our tea and read Marjory Wardrop’s (note spelling) excellent ‘Man in the Panther Skin’ translation in good company, currently available in all good bookshops…
    FYI listeners may like to know that the original, hand-written, bound manuscript of her endeavour has recently been put on display in the new British Embassy, Tbilisi, inner sanctum.

  4. Just for your information the Royal Asiatic Society produced an edition of Marjory Wardrop’s translation of ‘The Man in the Panther’s Skin’ in 2001. I was there at the Society’s 2012 meeting held in memory of the 100 years since Wardrop’s original translation of 1912.
    Amazon has copies available.

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