Bacho: Gldani #8 to Ort #7, Kalandadze Sharmatava bail, Misha funny money, Tsulukiani transparency laws, Gigi no gov invite, DC Ambo goes, Tkhibuli strike, Telasi, DEXUS, Gvaramia heads R2, PIK shuffle, Obiektivi ticked, new faction of six (not ten), new Itara head, Culture deputies and FB, Tughushi out, Fin Min mucks with rates, fake Misha hit, football politics, Margvel talks tuition hike, Tech U kids ticked, daily UK flights, Lilo fire, ODIHR heads West, ownership society, Woody still on, Russian film fest, ear puller, per rights & All Stars.

5 thoughts on “TBLPOD15nov2012

  1. Re GEL 600,000 spent on the opening of a city hall and court building in Lazika: had the plans actually proceeded to the point that these buildings were already built?

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  3. How about expressing sympathy also for the peoople of Israel who are under constant attack from terrorists given refuges in Gaza.

  4. I find it funny that you and your pannel discussed much about the judical issues/situation in Georgia this week, but fail to mention anything about the resignation of Misha’s brother, David, who resigned from his post as Director of the Graduate School of Justice in Tbilisi. Here is his departing statement
    “I, as well as the population of our country, hope that the court will be staffed by independent, impartial and worthy judges. Judicial selection and preparation should be the primary responsibility of the Graduate School of Justice, which has prepared many of the Georgian court professionals over the years. I have been leading this school since 2000 and today decided to request the President of the Supreme Court with a statement of resignation,”
    Maybe it is just me, but this connection could have been considered a conflict of interest in a civilized country.

    On another note, Mr Mullen’s “You Know” count this week was a whopping 38 times. Up over the previous weeks 24

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