Debate format, UNM says Vano BI says no, BI Misha challenge, 41 not 7, BI Nino B chat, Gia B in Batumi MP race, Tornike new Minister, Dato B tops list, Roland Akhalaia v Alasania in Zugdidi, OSCE ticked at cleansing, Tetriskharo Khajapuridze TsisperiGate, more fines, Dzidzikuri intro, World Bank tribunal re Cartu, Chkhikvadze re Ch9 bias, Betkil Shukvani lawyers up, 100 dreamers can’t near race, Info-9.com case, Kaladze ruling, Tbilisi fortress restoration, Ureki road, Tbilisoba 6-7 Oct, free apts to soldiers, Metro done by 2013

One thought on “TBLPOD24aug2012

  1. Great reporting: Please give an up-date on the Winter Olympics, when appropriate on security, construction, accessability from Georgia to Soscia. I also would love to hear about the current state of the Georgian Banking system? I helped with the installation of that in the mid 90’s. My concern is the transparency of the system and anit-corrupt practices. A report would be of interest. Keep up the good work. R Medearis

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