NDI/CRRC Pole: Dream up 8, UNM down 11 but BI still miffed, Burjanadze tanks & lots of other great numbers, Christian Dems, NDP, New Rights evidently still exist, Gori rally tussles, Kaladze, Kaspi, MP Parade, Ground Rules agreement, Skadden represents BI, dish hoovering, Elita Burji, OSCE Dunja Mijatovic, IRI NDI observers, Vano in Baku, US 4 Star Mark Hertling, Cherkin, Marshutka Air, Bungee plunge, zero bribes, IFC 93 Mil, Isbank in Batumi, New Indicator 40 Mil, Jazz Batumi.

One thought on “TBLPOD19july2012

  1. Just got back from Mestia yesterday. The journey up and back by car, which is not bad at all roadwise, was, of course, thrown into a play-station type adventure by the many instances of ‘alternative’ aka lunatic driving that is so familiar to all of us. Not least, by convoys of government vehicles – we passed one on the way up and one on the way back. I don’t know where they do their tactical driving courses, but my impression is – not in any place where ‘safe’ tactical driving is a phrase…. Great that we’re going to see more and more of this as the parliament moves to Kutaisi…….

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