Parl comish Khorava report, Euro Geo gets specific, Otsneba says mistakes were made, Saralidze hunger strike, Otsneba Zurabashvili support official due to ancestors says Kobakhidze, 46 aspirants to pres, BI and Int Min mulling weed export, Iberia off the air, Okuashvili and Omega cranky about it, Sam Patton plea with Mueller, Misha sees chance to get on news, government moves to end security for former presidents in super grown up policy initiative, Ed Min fires brass, Hartzell new EU Ambo, Gakharia in Ukraine, Knuckle Dragger in Chief of Israel Avigdor Lieberman in Tbilisi, With foreign Min and Estonia Pres in Tbilisi, PM to Yerevan, Syria Abkhaz trade deal, Abkhaz PM dies in car wreck, Russian language school in Akhalgori, Goons in Black ask for passports on Tbilisi streets, FDI down, Geo 4th place in starting biz says WB, guys climes Ali and Nino, Chai Khana on Yazidi


Margvel won’t run, Zurabashvili no longer citizen of France, ISFED notes probs, audio of election probs, Margvel passes on top court nomination, Kremlin media pow wow in Tbilisi, Public Broadcaster screws over employees, Merkel visit, Latvian MEP report, EU 45 million, EH neighborhood boss Hahn visits, PM to Baku, Japanese Foreign Min visit, Senaki US military exercises, USS Carney in Batumi, more ABL abductions, Bibilov and Khajimba sing for their supper with Putin, Khajimba to Damascus, MeCain mourning, Chelidze the Nazi tries to flush bullets, Kashia gets heat from knuckle draggers over being a good guy, Jute Roshka road update, Forbs and Time like Stamba and new weed laws, Raptor Count


Shavadze detained re ISIS, Ed Min closes Black Sea U, Otsneba pres candidate anxiety, but doesn’t want Margvel to appoint Supreme Court Chair, Kobauri sane, UNM says CEC is corrupt, Zurabashvili campaigns, launches at great grandad writers house, new governors appointed, new police chiefs, deputy head of state security out, Merkel in town, Gov of Iran miffed re vail mistreatment, Euro Court complaint re Tatunashvili, new Russian surveillance post in S Ossetia, catalogue of property in S Ossetia and Abkhazia, Tskhinvali fire, harsh Abkhaz drug plan, Abkhaz ethnic cleansing via admin change, Abkhaz VP cranky re flying glass, Shamba interview, Abkhaz in Geo Univ, Nunes in Tbilisi, Basiani Red Bull Moscow PR mess, Kashia gets prize, Guria harassment suicide, crime rise, flooding, underground gas plan


Ten years since Russian invasion, Constitutional Court says weed legal, new PM fires governors, Pres Election 28 Oct, Otsneba says no candidate but leans to Salome Zurabishvili, she says in cemetery that Misha started it, Usupashvili runs, Vashadze disses Euro Geo, arrests for endangering miners, Geo Industrial Group unloads blame to Gov because residents want mine to stay, more ISIS convictions, Chair of Supreme Court resigns, Misha kisses Trumps tako in Fox OpEd, Ozurgeti Otsneba sakrebulo goons arrested, Adigeni Otsneba goon, Svans protest for illegal logging Gov sends Subari, Lunev to head Abkhaz Army, Assad too busy to visit OssAb, Lithuania says they will sanction Georgia’s OT List, Noble Partner, Georgians thieve Bagram shop, soldiers dismissed after stabbing in Kojori, Merkel may visit, Foreign Min visits DC, snow in Kazbegi and Gurauri, Kist cooks win big,


Bidzina tells all, mad at ex-PM & Big Banks, Dato Bakradze and Grigol Vashadze will run for pres, Otsneba will say later, Kaladze has big Tbilisi transport plans, new Khorava Street murders purgery charge, Otsneba kicks out MP Chichinadze for speaking truth to power, Misha charge upheld on appeal, Kumsishvili and Alavidze ex ministers questioned, new Smith murder info possible rape, Shishani brother death in Syria, Salafis in Pankisi setting up new council to compete with non-Salafi council of Elders, Agara has new head, Rizhvadze, anti immigrant knuckle dragger march on Plekhanovi, NATO Noble Partner exercise 1 Aug Kremlin cranky, New PM in Brussels, Bibilov in Damascus, Russian border hold up wine at border on pretext, police drug raid was stupid says report, trade up, Dusheti road, Jones and Suny on first Republic, street kids


American family murdered in Dusheti, Bakhtadze names cabinet, new prosecutor, more miners killed in Tkibuli, Marvel nominates Otsneba pick for Ajara boss, UNM and European Georgia cooperation pact, PM in Brussels, Italian press visits, Belgian FM visits, Interpol arrest mobsters in Spain among them two Georgians, Gigi Tsereteli heads OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Kremlin asset Trump on Georgia and NATO, South Ossetian journalist Mearakishvili blames ministry for lack of support, child killed in Gonio, Svaneti villages cut off, Border Guards helicopter crash, OGP summit with Robot Sophia, Pachulia leaves Warriors for Pistons, Georgian March, non Azeri Kvemo Kartli video, super market workers rights, 3D printing Kvevris


Misha charged with ordering Gelashvili beating, new charges in Khorava murders, 18 candidates for top prosecutor anounced including BI lawyer, Studio Monitori allege Kremlin spy defense contractor, constitutional court say cash to Church not ok, Prosecutors leak Machalikashvili WhatsAp screen shots to Imedi, Russian spills creepy goo at airport, PM says all well with Econ, Ajara gov resigns, Russians detain Georgian border guards, Sanakoyev list, Syrian rebels apologize for Assad recognition, Georgia says no Syrian fly overs, Armenians and Abkhaz tensions, Margvel to NATO, Dallas Rep Pete Sessions annoyed with Georgia, Salafi Imam of Pankisi stepped down, Nenskra flood, London movie premier


New PM says which ministries get the cut, Tsulukiani no show to gov meeting, NGOs write how to fix judiciary and prosecutor mess, Ossetians want talc and marble mine so manufacture border dispute, Geneva talks, Turks vote Erdogan wins but not in Georgia, France sentences Georgian mobsters, Hong Kong mostly free trade deal, Margvel in Estonia, Irish support, US House Georgia caucasus, creepo Ike Kaveladze sues Lakoff, Agalarov video with Trump clues maybe, Gilbreath on poverty improvement, Giant Hogweed caution, GLOW help


Bakhtadze in, goals are Euro Atlantic integration, innovation, new Econ model, small gov, education, Marvel says nice Kvirikashvili stuff, Misha anti-Semitism and Chechen comment, Bakhtadze gave GEL 20K to UNM in 2012, ministries from 14 to 11, Tsulukiani stays, police salaries going up, Ossetians charged with torture, Pankisi support Mashalikashvili, Ozergeti donnybrook, Chiatura anti police protests, no Abkhaz visas due to World Cup, OSCE ambo visit, EU asylum numbers up, trade up, Georgia gets stingers, new car rental place, parliament move


Guests Dunbar, Jonas, bye Kvirikashvili, Otsneba and government hullabaloo, more Khorava wrangling, protests fizzle, not public anger, Machalikashvili goes off, Platform statement, Marneuli mayor charged with torture, Mountain road, UN res, Izoria in Brussels, Montenegro, speaker in Kiev, Bulgaria speaker visit, Tsulukiani and LGBT comments, March of Georgians case, marshutka deaths, shepherd detained, Abkhaz solution, paraglider donnybrook, Starbucks, UNICEF report, Civil.ge 100 years ago news, JAM on Metro, Indigenous Outsiders on Ajara mosques, Cambridge event


Prosecutor screws up Khorava murder trial, protests, Shotadze resigns, European Georgia takes over, they fizzle, nobody’s sure if the prosecutors and political control of the judicial system will get fixed, read Jonas, Gigauri wants Tsulukiani out, Metro workers strike, deal appears, Tatunashvili was tortured, Devdariani sues 8/10, Bellingcat outs Kremlin MH17 goon who was minister in Ossetia, CONFIFA Abkhaz soccer, Judo shooting, Mini Mike Tyson Brooklyn muscle for Shulaya trial, Mexican ok, Sumo in Tbilisi, Graff on Thieves, Ballon Decoration School, 100 Years of the Republic exhibition


Assad recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia, NATO says nice Georgia stuff, Karasin says NATO is bad, world yawns, new Armenian PM rockstar in Tbilisi two days, Pres and PM in Krynica, Gakharia in Germany, Tbilisi rally about school stabbing, prosecutor screwing it up, Mukhtarli abduction demonstration, Shotadze says some BS about it, IRI poll, Otsneba at 27 percent, Otsneba suppression of freedom of speech bill, Church says don’t talk to Rustavi 2, Tbilisi anti Lomisoba demonstration, cattle theft at Akhalkalaki border, Jehovas Gori vandaism, Gali residents still only one booth crossing at Enguri, hate speech on the rise, three ex US Ambos say Georgia get in gear, Demna $1K t shirt, day in Batumi, Waterston on gender, Telavi events


Raids and arrests in night clubs cause big demos for reasonable drug policy, nationalist demos, Res Marvel correctly said gov screwed up, IDAHO and Fam Day back and forth, EU Strasbourg court hears 2008 case, 4 NATO ships, PM in DC, US 4star in Vaziani, Kremlin sign with SGS co for border inspection, MEPs re Def visit, Armenian PM calls, MF in Kazak, Israeli Econ Min visit, Lith Pres says nice stuff, BI officially rebosses himself, Pres Speaker pardon yell-off, permanent residency tougher, US post consolidation maybe, Bassiani support video, PM on Fox, Dunbar on GoG BS, bus stops, blockchain


Four people die from unidentified pills, Parliament once again delays hearing about drug policy, Court freaks out about condom labels, Kiladze says some BS, NGOs want her to go away, metro workers can strike in a month, makes Kakhi sad, Armenians continue to rock, House delegation, Econ Min in Iran, Fin min in Manila, 8 UN ambos, new ed reform, S Osets mess with ABL more, ABL abduction, Mearakishvili slander BS, Enguri lines, Rose Rev Square to be First Rep Square, Victory Day arrests, Guardian on Georgian film festival, Guria oppressed


Otsneba Givi wins Vani Khoni, Tblisi Metro avoids strike, new smoking rules, People of Armenia continue to be awesome, Pres Margvel parliament address, BI returns formally, some tiny opposition parties join with Misha for pres run, not Euro Geo or Pinecones, IDAHO Day retreat by chair, German EU migration plan so less Georgian asylum, Big State Dude visited re NATO, Izoria in Israel to learn about IDF aggression under guise of education, Tallinn mayor visit, Lithuania ditches Gruzia for Sakartvelo, Bibilov SO Akhalgori ethnic cleansing, SO make Lyrica illegal, no SO double jobs, Lakerbaia history book war, East West Highway labor abuse, NDI poll 2 percent Georgia no idea what internet is, Geo Pop 3,729,600, Sadakhlo bridge, Vienna Baku train now with air con, Eric Lee first Republic book in Georgian, Girchi weed, hunger strike includes Snickers, Tkhibuli, Guardian on geo wine, TamOonz, Svaneti weed cuisine


Bye Serzh, The Silence of Otsneba, BI’s back as head of Otsneba because of Ninia Freakout, Insulting Religious Feelings bill (really), Bacho sentenced, Mukhtarly verdict upheld in Baku, Kremlin spokesperson has deep concern about cynicism, Fin Min in DC, Otsneba pays off Tobadze with a law, two charged in Abkhazia murder of Russian tourists, Bibilov in Yalta, Alania Diocese Bishops passport taken, another shepard abduction, Tskhinvali hip hop festival, more illegal delay of second Batumi mosque, Agara sugar factory to reopen, Georgia up in press ranking, Oman issues travel advisory, Muscat flights, Bolnisi museum, Coda Russian site blocked, Sandro Breganze meme, Bitcoin mining, Lelo Burti in Guria, Khajapuri now owned by NYC too, Hippodrome overpass protest, CineDOC Romania, London Georgian film festival


Stink bug correction, Gazprom Media wants in, Tatunashvili no organs, Otsneba faction still cranky about Ninia, Kobakhidze cranky about crankiness, murder by pardoned criminal, femicide in the news again, prison guards arrested on 2006 suspicions of mistreatment, Iberia report on Bad Mountain Road, Swiss interest expulsion, Hahn on labor safety, Kumsishvili in China, Freedom House report, Mikeladze parliamentary sec, nine candidates in Vani Khoni, friendly match coerced, miners call for halt, police arrested for domestic violence, Zhinvali protest abduction, Abkhaz close Georgian schools, Abkhaz docs to Tbilisi, Osset Soros KGB double agent, Rushmore Motorcycles, Greek metal heads detained, SF film award to Scary Mother, Khingali in New Yorker


Dighomi mob attacks Nigerian students, Police predictably screw up response, kid redeems Georgia by giving them their ball amidst it all, Kaladzes embarrassing response, Public Defender talks civil partnership for queer couples, South Osset and Abkhaz government don’t like Georgias proposal, Russia walks back Abkhaz Stink Bug Ban, State Security Report talks occupation and corruption, Pankisi Syria misidentification, Tadumadze heads government aparat, Popkhadze leads knuckle draggers cranky at Ninia appointment, Pres Margvel in UAE, Vedzisi shooting, GEM land permit turned down, tourist died on Kazbegi, Activists save tree from Bidzina, another new Abkhaz law aimed at harassing Gali residents, two shephards detained near Gori, Batiashvili will play Nobel solo, Freedom House says Georgia is hybrid, month of Easter


New especially large drug charge against Bakhala, Papuna gets sued, Tsulukiani says no prob, Devdariani sues accusers, Six miners killed in Tkibuli, Russia bans fruit from Abkhazia not Georgia due to stink bug, Abkhaz ticked off, Kadyrov wants road to Georgia, Step to a Better Future status neutral plan, Long time Bidzina worker new Regional Dev Min, Osipova and Ninia Kakabadze on Public Broadcaster board, Givi Chichinadze Vani Khoni Otsneba, new Misha video, governor switch, Jehovas violence and Orthodox favoritism, Georgia union youth demo in Chiatura, Def Mins meet, Geneva talks, new parliament set up in South Osetia, Sukhumi film festival, Ajarulad, Saudi good in Baku anti Iran stuff about Georgia, Tavisupleba on Pankisi stigmatism, women and restaurants, tourist hub, Abkhazia bus stops, BI crypto 1 April


No gender quota, more amendments to constitution, Papuna fired, Devdariani out, Tatunashvili buried, mom saw signs of torture, Geo expelled Russian diplomat, one year of EU visa free, Lukashenko visits, Izoria visited, Jordanian issues with Abkhazia, Kobakhidze to Geneva, Karasin talks no force, US budget says no bucks to Abkhaz and SO recognizers, R2 attackers from March of Georgian Meat Heads pre trial detention, pro public broadcaster journalist demo, Otsneba very slow on drug policy, Borjomi sakrebulo finally ditches Patriot, charges in Batumi fire, miner killed, Bezhuashvili buys KazTransGas


Tatunashvili body back, March of Georgians attack Rustavi 2, R2 Gabunia cracks joke involving Jesus, NGO guy Devdarian accused of harassment, ski lift crash, Georgia Sweden Interpol cooperation re Visa issues, AZ, TK, Iran and Geo foreign ministers meet re transport, Cypriot parliament boss visits, Uzbek press may visit, NATO chief lauds Georgia, more discussion of PM’s Russia relations comments, sanctions list law discussion, Abkhaz and Ossetians express loyalty to Putin on Sunday, Osset journalist Mearakishvili continues to be harassed, Neparidze son mess, US Navy ship in Batumi, Borjomi sakrebulo train wreck continues, Germans say banking good except governance, OC on Roma and rape, Mokha mosque mess, BBC on train


Dr Kenneth Walker hero of US Georgia relations died, South Ossetian authorities kill Georgian Archil Tatunashvili lie about death keep body, PM wants Russian reset, Otsneba Tbilisi Sakrebulo tried for bribe, UN says don’t extradite Turk, Serbia visa free, Margvel in Brussels DC, Visa waver chat with Germany, PM in Baku and Yerevan, Dane FM in Tbilisi, Kobakhidze to Jordan, Kelly to head to Georgetown, Margvel says Kremlin hacked US elections, Vasiko manipulates GPB board against Kaladze faction, new judges some bad eggs, TI says make courts trustworthy, R2 says Tsulukiani next pres candidate from Otsneba, labor rights bill, Gigi to try to be Vain Khoni MP, women quote in parliament talk, Ugulava sentence and others, Georgian March goons, 14 year old killed by bad construction, Georgian language in street ads, suburban nightlife plan, trans rights protest, Borjomi gamgeoba donnybrook, Catholic books and icons torched in Vale, Russian plastic factory taken in Abkhazia, marshutkas v horses on Enguri bridge, Zambakhidze to head Radio Tavisupleba, FDI up, Ryanair says no Georgia any time soon, ISIS guys not returning, 5 women who signed 1918 constitution, the horrible mountain road plan


Ukraine says no Misha until 2021 but EU green card from Dutch, Margvel’s veto to public broadcaster law overridden, new Giorgi Sanaia murder info, police tell domestic violence victim to stop harassing her ex on FB, BitFury now Chinese, PM at Munich Security Conference Kumsishvili in Baku re gas line, Tatar in town, Bibilov in Moscow, Osset journalist fired and searched, Transnistrians in Abkhazia, no votes for top Abkhaz judge, Turk abducted in Ochamchire, police operation with EU related to visa free problems, labor law amendments argument re work safety, tax breaks for small businesses, pension reform to be discussed soon, Pirveli and Iberia TV issues, Mukhtarli statement, Chabuk released on bail, German MEP visits Chabuk, Georgia more corrupt says TI CPI, Putin head candy prank, Jonas on environment policy, Dunbar on the Death of Stalin


Misha in Kielbasastan, Georgian March prepares goon squad, Georgian restaurant soft opens in Palo Alto, EU asylum worries, EU support up or down, PM in Brussels, Kobakhidze meets GOP dudes in DC, Margvel with Greeks, Izoria in Romania, Janelidze in Kuwait, Estonian Def Min in Tbilisi, Russians call Roki border big whoop, Abkhaz in Georgian hospitals, Abkhaz create Ideology post, Khajimba flirts with Facebook ban, Gali singer, South Ossetia sets up investment site, State Inspector post, new head of human rights dept and border police, underworld penalties up, Margvel simplifies pardoning procedures, military reserve, weapons purchases up, one opposition candidate yea right, labor draft watered down, public broadcaster still a mess, Ugulava runs in Imereti, terrible Omalo road, Archpriest conviction upheld, Mkhedrioni shot, hospital corruption, 11 story building 27, Kobuleti anti Madrassa, Zugdidi kicks out market, RFE no R2, Open Budget Rank, Alex Jones in Tbilisi!?


Varketili Metro disaster, white noise demonstrations, video of Georgian officer torturing conscript, Radio Free Europe and Liberty exists due to Rustavi 2 partnership, Janelidze in Brussels, Lithuania PM visit, Serb visit, Kiev court puts Misha under night house arrest, new obstruction rules, Kabakhidze firm on broadcaster law, judges pretend Chabuk not refugee, no release of Mukhtarli info, Pankisi residents angry, Rustavi 2 films Grozny Mayor in Batumi, trans attacked in Vake, Abkhaz Cossacks for Putin, Russian slave in Abkhazia, Gali residents need proof not Geo citizens, Akhalgori product limits, Karasin says some BS, South Ossetian units in Russian army, trip to Nauru, Yerevan Misha event canceled, better food in kindergartens, salmonella in Carrefour, inflation steady, Silknet to buy GeoCell, Georgian sump top, Georgian food in Palo Alto soon says Pachulia


Another Chatayev Gang arrest, GoG sent all extradition of Misha stuff to Kiev, PM etc in Davos, Kobakhidze in Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Javelin’s arrive, NDI poll says people want women quotas in parliament, Chechen Ossetian militiaman shot, Abkhazia wants Georgian prisoner angry about Lukava release, Human Rights Watch talks about Georgia problem with Azerbaijan regime, Kakhala gets eight years for possession, brick jail term, stabber gets off, Armenian MP turned away, railway strike and explosion, taxi licenses, Magti price increase, trade up, Abkhaz concert, Sundance award, UK rugby likes babies with beards, Azeris leave Georgia, White Noise, Nikoloz the Khingali eater, big kvevris


More Chatayev info, Lomjaria in Pankisi, Mukhtarli sentences to six years, USAID violence risk assessment, NATO package chat, Georgian volunteers in Ukraine update, Congress talks Kremlin propaganda in Georgia, Kobakhidze in Latvia, Marvel vetoes horrible public broadcaster amendments, Labor min can inspect employers, Habanot Urbani construction protests, bride napping in Bolnisi, NDI survey results, 1346 asylum cases rejected, GYLA says Russia responsible for Abkhazia therefore death of Otkhozoria, Russian president vote in Abkhazia and SO, Srpska fallout, Only Crimea less free than South Ossetia, Davit Gareja and Chiatura cable cars in danger


Misha guilty for Girvliani murder pardon, more Isani, Pankisi angry, Isani suspect dies, Khajimba prisoner swap angers Abkhaz, Rand anti Javelin, Patriarch comes around to weed, Anna Dolidze to High Council of Justice, Natsvlishvili parliamentary sec, Eurobet job arrest, Batumi riot sentences, Shalva Ramishvili pays for harassment, Bibilov in Srpska, Abkhaz fish way down, Turkish petrol tourists, wine export up, winds, Larsi road shut, US State Dept says Georgia safe, Georgia up in Passport Index, Tamar Mepe in Civilizations game, Tbilisi is Holywood hipster hotspot says CNN


Pankisi followup operation post Isani, Georgia skipped Trump Israel Embassy vote in UN, EU Commission report on visa lib in Georgia, EU 140mil lari, Serzh visits, Geo Azerbaijan celebrate 25th with Ganja, Queen sent Ilia letter, Russell helps Big Tobacco, New Years addresses, cabinet confirmed, priorities are ed, infrastructure, economy, governance, reserves program, terrible public broadcaster law passed, new Otsneba factions via PM Utsnobi battle, pardons, Poet Ratiani harassed, Rooms hotel fire, blue bus, Santas, Gori housing protest, winter heating allowance, Khajimba wants to amend constitution like his boss, shuki goes up a tetri, foreign land ownership, Anaklia port construction starts, mandarins, Bentleys


More Misha drama in Kiev, maybe extradition maybe to the Netherlands, Orbeliani win, Nine MEPs call for Vano’s release, Kobakhidze in Warsaw, Head of State Security in Minks, Deal with Swiss co that will watch Ossetian Roki tunnel, Dane heads EUMM, Marvel declares year of freedom, VAT to change, budget has more revenue, more constitution changes, PM questions on Isani operation, more Otsneba factions, Public Broadcaster to become even more corrupt, Vani Khoni election scheduled for April, Kvirikasvhili looses it at Melua on TV, TI traces corrupt campaign contributions, Birja Mavia charges dropped, woman with Sapari charge collusion in domestic abuse among officials, police reform, prisoners to lower sentences by working, Pankisi volunteer killed in Syria, Enguri customs post, Abkhaz and South Ossetia budgets, Russia polling stations in South Ossetia, Geneva talks, Paul Rand against Javelin sale, Steve Russell bill, Citroen Utsnobi charge, Dusheti hydro, ambulance training, TSU one hundred, Today wins in Germany OC Media on supermarkets


Misha Kiev catch and release, Pavel Ardzinba killed, new amendments pass first reading, Vienna meeting, new Ambos in Geneva UN and Berlin, Ukraine turns away Geo journalists at border, Jerusalem discussion, emails are public info except for some, PM Kvirikashvili says schools and church should be closer, gov reorg endorsed, pres to be elected by stooge group, parliamentary introduced MP gender quotas bill, TI Georgia calls for corruption checks, White Noise calls for smart drug policy, Take Back the Night, tree cutting fines, PM lights candles, referee murdered, dual Abkhaz Russian citizenship, Russian peacekeepers monument in Sokhumi, Lavrov says some crap, Kutaisi Riga flights, ski update, Hyderabad names Georgia as top filming local, Pachulia video, Pat Buchanan Kremlin asset, Samegrelo women


Misha Kiev rooftop drama, more Chatayev sting op info, NATO meeting, Janelidze in Brussels, Swiss pres visit, MPs to Sweden, Montenegrin, TI et al blasted new plan for domestic spies, demise of Environment Ministry push back, Otsneba MPs want to follow Trump recognizing Jerusalem Israeli capital, Gotseridze confirmed on Constitutional Court and Lomjaria Public Defender, Tbilisi 16 year olds stabbed to death in school fight, death in custody investigation says no prob, S Ossetia military agreement to Duma, Gali meeting, Khajimba to Vladikavkaz, Russian military vehicles to Abkhazia, Kilmarnock walks back monument decision, clerics in US on NED tour, IMF says all well, tourism up, Kutaisi airport plans, Georgia oldest wine in Guinness, My Happy Family on Netflix, Abkhaz Labor Code, statelessness, Kars valley, Tango in Tbilisi


Isani sting info oozes out ISIS Chechens etc, Dudaev, Chatayev, Human Rights Court says Vano illegally imprisoned fine state 4K, PM in Brussels re E Partnership, Belt and Road Forum, Ukrainian Slovenian, Moldovan PM visit, Janelidze in Turkmen capital, Lomjaria will be Public Defender, Eva Gotsiridze to Const Court, weed legalization moving Const Court weighs in, PACE says more check and balances re opposition and Mukhtarli, masks on statues re air pollution, Batumi hotel fire, Karasin doesn’t like Javelins, Russia training right wing paramilitaries, Khajimba in S Ossetia, prisoner swap, Georgian mosaic in Ashdod, tobacco regs clarified, first same sex chokha wedding in NYC, culture houses, Spiney Dogfish, astronaut in Tbilisi


Isani special op 4 killed, Talks with Kremlin re WTO, Janelidze in Turkmenistan re Lapis Corridor, Kobakhidze in Belarus, new EU map, US sells Georgia Javelin missiles, new interior leadership, new Ucha talks, Otsneba brass bad mouth public defender, NGOs want to keep EU NATO ministry, CRRC says people don’t know about amendments, adds on Public Broadcaster maybe, new campaign finance draft, Gov tells judge no asylum to Turk, UNM prison guards charged, Abkhaz border report, stink bug help vanishes, Kilmarnock Sokhumi drama, sexist Mareuli mayor, Georgian tolerance made intangible, Freedom of Net rank, Silknet puts Jonas on board, OC Media talks to Abkhaz remembering the war, BBC on khachapuri


Ministry organizational shake up including end of Environment Ministry, charges of BIs allies moving up, Otsneba wins all but Ozurgeti run offs, ISFED GYLA say ok mostly, EU External Action report says Georgia ok, Klaar gets closer, Polish and Swedish foreign ministers in Tbilisi, President Margvel said Warsaw deal with Kremlin, 5 MPs go to Ukraine war zone, Izoria to Pentagon, Accumulative Pension draft out, Kaladze presented five deputies, Tbilisi sakrebulo chair Giorgi Tkemaladze, Putin and Bibalov, Friends of Crimea, Bibilov misses USSR, Assad sends Bibilov birthday card, Nauru pres visits Abkhazia, Russian customs office opens in Sokhumi, worlds oldest wine proof, protestants, chechen seamstress, Vogue likes Tbilisi, King Lear, Dublin sings


More constitutional amendments, budget inc stink bug cash, Megs Kardava pulled in on extradition request, Goga Oniani in UNM trouble too, EuroNest trip, MEPs vote on Eastern Partnership stuff, Gigi Tsereteli acting OSCE president, CoE HR report, NATO ships in Batumi, Estonian Klaar special rep, Pres Margvel in Poland, Izoria in DC, runoffs, campaign finance numbers, NGOs criticize the Public Broadcaster, Chicken Chuckers ticked about rainbow armband, underground crossing pee problem, cableway fixed, Georgian ABL abductions, Abkhaz church talks, car deaths, Silk Tower, Wheelchair fencer win, Dive Bar deep sixes Trump flag, Supra DC restaurant opens, Bjork wrap up, Vogue on Tbilisi streets, co investment fund opaque, Luger Center tizzy. Aukhum divers Akhali Samgori dump, Galaktion in London


Mechiauri won in Tianeti, first Baku Tbilisi Kars train, Estonian pres visit, Finn def min, Big Saudi, Georgia pro-Spain, South Ossetia pro Catalan, US congress resolution, Senator Rich interview, Geo death in Ukraine, Interpol extradition of smuggler, Pvliashvili death investigation, Georgians in North Ossetia protest, 500 Syrian Circassians, Abkhaz language day, 250 IDP houses, Green Akubardia caused of abuse, Kashia rainbow armband freakoutage, Marneuli mosque, coal mine death, economy tops four percent, tons of oranges, EU bio safety point in Kakheti, new Turk border point, road rehab, new Khulo trail, deWaal on Abkhazia, AmCham Cowgill in Hill


Kaladze wins in first round, Margvels holds nose and signs constitution, six runoffs, Mechiauri mess in Tianeti, 20K observers, 5K journalists, NDI OSCE say stuff, Aleko mulls party, Marneuli gun attack, Janelidze and Izoria in London, Polish FM in Tbilisi, Kobakhidze in Israel, NGOs want a say in next public defender, workplace harassment draft, Kobakhidze says BS in the EU Observer, parliament building refurbishment, Vasiko decides GPB goes in with Bera co, Guerrilla Gardening hit developer with trees, Abkhaz shut Gali school, Muslim and disabilities discrimination and lots of bullying in Georgian schools, traffic light cameras to appear, lari down, kiwis to Japan, ghvino in Brussels, charters, Zaza died, Bolshoi


Constitutional veto overridden, elections soon, candidate confusion on environment, pressure on candidates, Otsneba raises 4 mil lari, budget talks, Geneva talks, Turkey Az and Geo defense agreement, MFA says Catalan independence bad,  Margvel in Italy, Geo sends Buk to Dutch intelligence, labor inspections open now, transgender city court case on forced sterilization grounds, South Ossetia follows Russia labels Jehovas extremist, SO information center run by Russian Interior Min, Sameba memorial for Abkhaz war dead, new Abkhaz Interior Minister to deal with crime, Gali mess, special Abkhaz bitcoin, BI gets 15 percent of Geo bitcoin mined, no women mayors, Ajara mountains gas pipeline, trade numbers: Turkey, Russia, China Az top list, exporting potatoes, Poland permanent archeological office in Kutaisi, Geo films in Chicago, Strange Nights Vodka in NYC, stink bugs get to Tbilisi, Malta house cleaner, marathon back on


Marvel vetoes new screwed up constitution, Venice Comish finally criticizes, last Georgian schools in South Ossetia close, Bidzina gets park to become Panorama parking lot for one lari, GUAM chat, EU parliament passed Partnership resolution with lots of potential goodies, Montenegro visa free maybe, SEDM in Batumi, EU Ambos see EUMM, OSCE media boss visit, Misha wants to defeat evil, Lado Chanturia in European Court, pardons, committee tries to put women in parliament, PM says he won’t be Pres, Zaliko and Aleko neck and neck, Studio Monitori says kindergartens used by Otsneba, TI on Sakrebulo and procurement, messed up Khalvashi land deal, church clash in Samtskhe Jav. Abkhaz war remains, Serbs in Sokhumi, ICC will have Tbilisi office, Iranian business meeting, grapes, WizzAir flights to Europe from Kutaisi, new University metro, Batsiashvili grand master, 8 Minutes wins in NYC


Messed up constitutional amendments pass parliament via Otsnaba only, UN human rights report, Kvirikashvili meets Merkel, Marvel to Portugal, Dolidze Brink chat, Italian biz group, Lithuanians change Gruzia to Sakartvelo, Lady Chanturia to Strasbourg, NATO conference, two thirds for NATO, Karasin BS, Mukhtarli denied bail wins award, Stepantsminda explosion, Pankisi kid killed in Syria, Akhalkalaki Armanian cop fight, Adigeni Muslims threatened, UNM Panorama protest, Alliance of Patriots in Russia of course, NSC meets, Ergneti pow wow, Auditor General fires non Otsneba deputies, TI LEPL report, government transparency, IMF report, 14 Tbilisi mayor candidates, NDI report, ISFED report, Kakhi plays soccer, Dmanisi Muslims threatened, hijab girl ejected from school in Kakheti, Sokhumi events, Syrian Abkhaz cooperation, Adjara rain, Fady Asly fine and appeal, TSU construction worker death, Lancet says Georgia hits neonatal MDG goals, men get jobs women not so much, EC gives Geo 45 mil, new airport terminal, new Europe flights in March, Farmers Association, Tsulukiani opens 48th community center in Bakuriani, gay mistreatment petition, Nikozi library, Georgian wine museum in Yiwu China, Georgia food week in UK parliament, Armenian World Chess Champ, Prince Harry and Invictus Georgians


Kiev lives with Misha, PM and Sec Gen in NY, Margvels constitution to Venice, Laborist put up a mayor, Republicans nominate Bolkvadze, Mukhtarli rally, Gldani kid argument, TI commercial court assessment, Block Chain land transfer, Pekini done, Tbilisi waste processing plant, stamps, electronic DJs in Berlin, Beijing and Georgian wine, David Lynch Tbilisi November, Chugo talks trade in DC, tutoring stats, borderization, Smith interview, Miami paper on Chiatura, scientist Loladze on CO2 and nutrients, Odisharia book, Ajara birdwatching, Rustavi Choir and Melua in London


Misha gate crashes Ukraine, Pres tries to salvage Constitutional amendments, iFact on inside Kaladze property deals, ISFED on Facebook BS against opposition mayors candidates, Joseph Alexander Smith and his great Georgian runs for Sakrebulo from Sabortalo, Baku Tbilisi Kars Railway gets close, Brink in town, support Rohingya muslims rally, minimum wage, Afghanistan injury, TI 4th report on courts including Cable case, ADB IFC 75 mil loan, Tusheti internet, China Southern flies Tbilisi Beijing, Tbilisi Square in Ankara opens, Elton John cancels, Gogita Karate champ, Irakli Mekvabishvili becomes State Auditor, Zany Batumi, Tbilisi State ranks badly but ranks, photo festival, Chakrulo


Archpriest Mamaladze gets 9 years in secret trial, fires continue, Korea visit, US Marines exercises, 3 Georgians injured in Afghanistan, Venice hopes for constitution, Vashadze in Tbilisi mayor candidate, European Georgia in center right EPP, Freedom House report on Abkhazia and South Ossetia, government BS on Turkish Batumi school, Railways hunger strike ends, stricter citizenship rules, EBRD chief visits, Formula 1 driver Zoe Whittaker does stuff in Georgia, 52 tourists rescued, Janelidze and Tbilisoba in Minsk, Pachulia leads Georgia win over Israel, Parliament talks IDAHO day, Kobakhidze kissing to Americano, CRRC data journalism prize, book launches


Gay guys harassed by Batumi cops, Nigerian guy harassed by Tbilisi cops, constitutional discussion collapsed, Borjomi fires contained except Abastumani, chopper crash, Ed Ministry closed town Turkish school on order of Turkish government pretending it wasn’t, railway strike continues, PM talks to Turkmen, Janelidze to Berlin, Neparidze family bribery, Pankisi family dies in Syria, Reporters Without Borders slams Mukhtarli treatment, OSCE Media talks Media Ombudsman recs, more Euro judge appointment drama, pagan alter found near Kaspi unidentified inscription, 17th century album bought, Akhmeteli Metro primped, water to be fixed in Chiatura never ending environmental case not so much, marshutkas buses and trucks get speed governors, wrestling prize, Pachulia gets medal, Chess Champs including Carlsen in Tbilisi, electric car numbers up


Borjomi forrest fire, Abkhaz War 25 year remembrance, Abkhaz Syria trip, corruption and collusion in Sheep export, Osset journalist questioned again, New Yorker article on Trump in Batumi via BTA, Election date 21 Oct, Kukava and Inashvili run, CRRC on Bidzina role, Turk still not extradited but in jail, Moskovi Prospect change maybe, railway hunger strike, GEM employees want their money, noise controls, unregulated Batumi gas station explosion, bad Tskordza road, Narmania on Pekini, too many peaches, WB VP holiday, more Baku flights, 379 asylum seekers, more veggies in schools, Villa Garikula, glacier drones, Bioli and the Swiss, Oscar runoffs, UEFA women, young scientists, more constitution, Ground Truth Reporting Project, me on Misha, BBC on the Black Sea, One Caucasus


Putin in Abkhazia, President Margvel says US Special Rep for Georgia, hopes for a new auditor general, TI says dismissal of Ebanoidze was unfair, Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan, 22 year old dies of GHB drug at Gem, White Noise wants parliament to discuss drug laws, Usupashvili party puts Tengo as mayor of Tbilisi candidate, Ureki rescues, Mtatsminda fire, shuck fishing, Turkish Ozurgeti jeans factory, Goderdzi hotels, Amsterdam wine event, DC Georgian restaurant, Labor law discussion, Larsen on Constitution, Misha in WP, Dagistan Yerevan road, Junior Eurovision, Photo Festival, Mexican painter, One Cauk in Marneuli two weeks


Pence in Tbilisi, Mishas passport, Abkhaz say Georgians can be Abkhaz, South Ossetia purges Georgianess from curriculum, Putin to Abkhazia in August, Otsneba just behind None of the Above in polls, Aleko wants to ditch CT Park, BoG keeps Transport funds, Anaklia goes with US operator, fire at Rustavi 2, slap on wrist for illegal logging in Kakheti, Ajara dig finds artifacts, Enguri tourism planned, Bordeaux museum features Georgia, China wine import grows, Anna Dolidze Kobakhidze snarkathon, Concrete and Kitch, Cocktails and Dog tails


Poroshenko yanks Mishas passport, Anti Kremlin pro diversity rally, new Patriarch Sno hotel, Prime Minister hints dividing church and state is non Georgian, President vetos Otsneba control of election commission and preventing direct mayor elections, UK human rights report, civilian patrol of ABL, PM meets Bibi, Tbilisi mayor race stuff, NDI says polarization, Georgians ship themselves to the Main, ProCredit investment, visa free numbers in and overstays are not giant, more European court judge stuff, Kutaisi airport takes off, Tbilisi airport Taxi mess, new Scenar clinic, foreign Saperavi competition, dog stuff, parks, Bassiani award, Rustavi MP check ups, MEPs say not much on membership, Tbilisi bad on green space 12 not 25 sq Ms per head, Azeri activist deportations, splash party


Nationalist March then way cooler Womens March, Doofus Sandro Bregadzes Back, Gudauta beach attack Abkhazia crime worries, South Ossetia ethnic cleansing celebration, Gori borderization comments US and EU, Interfaith Conference about violence against women, Georgian heads UN tourism entity, US gives Georgia high counter terrorism marks, Bakhala newest drug plant frame job by cops, court allows gay blood donations, another market fire, Moscow Tbilisi airport dispute, Ureki Batumi train opens, new gas busses in Tbilisi, marshutka safety, EU visa liberalization views, Georgian churches in Turkey, Galleria Mall near Freedom Sq, Chemistry Bronze, Ataneli Opera sidewalk star, Marseille top prize for Koberidze film, courts criticized, Kandinsky canvas in town, Art Gene, GEM