Brinkendectomy!!! Courts overrule BS no ag land to foreigners! Cartu distributes promised payoffs, election law suit, parliamentary procedures changed, more debiloba from Margvel’s son in law, no budget law subsequent donnybrook, president staff category change, Def Min report, Appathurai visit, GUAM Canada, ODIHR meeting, Euro Court says Vano jail no prob, Def Min meets French Def Min, thieves arrested in Lyon, S Ossetia embassy in Damascus in 2019, ABL tent tiff, Azeri beaten up, lots of offshore FDI, Mountain strategy, Lomsadze on mayonnaise, Greeks, exiled soccer, USSR Svans moved


Gov cuts Pres budget in half, Zurabashvili says EU and NATO are priority, inauguration in Telavi, Ukrainians arrested for guns, UNM rally, Margvel met with Zurabashvili, NDI says elections sucked, Gali allowed to smuggle for a week, Iberia TV employee pawns, Zalkaliani in Brussels, Chechens want border crossing into Khevsureti, Rurua dead, Asadov out, Pankisi ISIS nut killed, different Asian flat prices, UNESCO lists Chidaoba, CRRC on avoiding radicalism, jarti collectors, Rayfield Vazha translations