Kipiani confirms Omega tapes etc, Prosecutor says nuh uh, Gvaramia of R2 Zurabishviliaphobic, Kobakhidze says that’s bad, NGOs tell him to pipe down, Zurabashvili says creepy idiotic stuff, everybody but Girchi hops on the anti weed wagon, battles of the polls, Zurabashvili gets tons of cash and Cartu air quotes loan, ISFED report, Imedi cancels Vasmedia cause they’re chicken, GUAM, new ambassadors, Kvirikashvili helps Uzbeks for EBRD, Kremlin continues tizzy about Lugar Lab, Otinashvili released from Tskhinvali, Abkhaz mess with Gali kids, soldiers caught in arms sale deal, Azerbaijan NGO in Tbilisi, Chai Khana gets award, Torpedo dog, women in Greece, NYT Georgia quiz, Frankfurt Book Fair Georgia theme


Okuashvili tells all, BI involved, Rustavi 2 says Vashadze in lead, BI praises Zurabashvili, GNCC says we didn’t do it re ad, campaign stops, lots of anti Muslim migration BS, MP chikovani leaves Euro Geo faction, 25 years since fall of Sokhumi, res Estonia, Slovakia, and Ukraine talked Georgia in UN, Margvel also in NYC and West Point, still working on import export posts with Russia, Russians in Ossetia hold woman, Russian helicopters, French SAMs, 13 NGOs talk about specific grand corruption, LGBTQ office threats police do nothing, taxis will be white, plastic bags banned, IMF talks property and services prices, difference in how Abkhaz and Georgians remember war, piercing weirdo


Otsneba proves copout Khorava report, Parliament ditches Kutaisi, Banfield 50, NGOs want Supreme Court Chief Justice worked out, FinMin report on corrupt contract, more Omega audio, Palitra accused, Kutaisi UNM sakrebulo assault, pre candidates final, Kobakhidze knickers in twist, everybody talks weed policy, Rustavi2 told no to ads, North American Bishop comments and church involvement in politics, Meravishvili case in Strasbourg, Pankisoba train wreck, PM in US, GUAM now GUM parl assembly rises from the dead, CoE MP junket mayonnaise statement, wheat truck pause, Canadian libertarians Georgia struck, PM op ed for Hill, Alan Riley on Chinese curse, OC media on pensioners, Post Pravda on drug charge rights, Lumley show, ice hockey.