Varketili Metro disaster, white noise demonstrations, video of Georgian officer torturing conscript, Radio Free Europe and Liberty exists due to Rustavi 2 partnership, Janelidze in Brussels, Lithuania PM visit, Serb visit, Kiev court puts Misha under night house arrest, new obstruction rules, Kabakhidze firm on broadcaster law, judges pretend Chabuk not refugee, no release of Mukhtarli info, Pankisi residents angry, Rustavi 2 films Grozny Mayor in Batumi, trans attacked in Vake, Abkhaz Cossacks for Putin, Russian slave in Abkhazia, Gali residents need proof not Geo citizens, Akhalgori product limits, Karasin says some BS, South Ossetian units in Russian army, trip to Nauru, Yerevan Misha event canceled, better food in kindergartens, salmonella in Carrefour, inflation steady, Silknet to buy GeoCell, Georgian sump top, Georgian food in Palo Alto soon says Pachulia

2 thoughts on “TBLPOD1feb2018

  1. **OC Media published a piece featuring a young teacher from the Pankisi Gorge, who talks a bit about the recent history of the gorge and how it has shaped perceptions of the area in the rest of Georgia. She talks about the pain it causes communities when their boys go to Syria to fight or join terrorist groups, and about her experience as a feminist political activist in a deeply conservative area. Link: http://bit.ly/2BGzXEO

    **The CSIS Russian Roulette podcast this week is about Georgian food, featuring one owner of Washington DC’s new Supra restaurant and a Georgian wine expert, who talk about Georgian food in the former Soviet Union, Georgian restaurants in the United States, and traditional Georgian foods and customs. Link: https://www.csis.org/podcasts/russian-roulette

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