Ministry organizational shake up including end of Environment Ministry, charges of BIs allies moving up, Otsneba wins all but Ozurgeti run offs, ISFED GYLA say ok mostly, EU External Action report says Georgia ok, Klaar gets closer, Polish and Swedish foreign ministers in Tbilisi, President Margvel said Warsaw deal with Kremlin, 5 MPs go to Ukraine war zone, Izoria to Pentagon, Accumulative Pension draft out, Kaladze presented five deputies, Tbilisi sakrebulo chair Giorgi Tkemaladze, Putin and Bibalov, Friends of Crimea, Bibilov misses USSR, Assad sends Bibilov birthday card, Nauru pres visits Abkhazia, Russian customs office opens in Sokhumi, worlds oldest wine proof, protestants, chechen seamstress, Vogue likes Tbilisi, King Lear, Dublin sings

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