Cops frame Birja Mafia so protests, gov wants to ban land sales to foreigners in constitution, State Security BSes about Mukhtarli abduction, Gvaramia quits Rustavi 2, Surkov visit to breakaways, Linkevicius in town, Abkhaz drop murder charges on Kanjiogli, new NATO NRF company, Russia refuses agreement on trade via Roki, Lithuania Geo support, Russian cash to Abkhaz increase, boxer Khurtsidze arrested in NYC, R2 Udumashvili may run for mayor, Congo pilot killed, Sakvarelidze talks Misha extradition, rain, Rostomashvili mugging, police increase, Chinese container scanner, interest stays at 7, FDI numbers, poultry farm, Jr Lelos beat Argentina, Warriors NBA champs Go Zaza, electric motorcycles and mopeds no VAT maybe, 5K tons cherries, marathon

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