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5 thoughts on “TBLPOD2may2013

  1. Question for ministers: Given the prevalence of tuberculosis in Georgia’s prisons, were any actions taken to ensure that prisoners released under the recent amnesty didn’t spread the disease outside of the prisons? Has there been any assessment of tuberculosis rates among the general population after the amnesty?

  2. Despite the plethora of “You Know’s” from Mr. Mullen and the excitable boy, the interview with the two foreign medical students was spot on. Good luck to both of them and their colleagues, and hopefully they will complete their educations without incident from the most disgraceful age group of Georgian males, which they both alluded to as somewhat problematic. Great questions by Mr. Mullen.

    However, I must say that the Excitable Boy’s ranting about the lack of respect to the President in regards to the refusal of his wish for a military parade, is way out of line. Least we forget how Misha disrespected his position and the people of Georgia with his well-known and now proven activities. What civilized country would allow for the head of state to spend hundreds of thousands of $ on new years eve debaucheries with his buddies, or have the tax payers pay for his botox shots or he and Gigi’s fat farm treatments, or for his kids private education, among other abuses? The arrogance of his government is that these and other abusive expenses were receipted!
    If I was BI, I would insist that Misha attend the parade which would honor the true heroes of Georgia, maybe having the underpaid teachers, the dedicated care providers for the elderly, orphans, and other socially vulnerable groups march at the front of the parade, followed by the thousands of IDPs forced out of their homes by a reckless Misha and his cronies. Following these good folks, I would have the large group of the leggy Ukrainian prostitutes that serviced the insatiable lusts of Misha and his guys, and then maybe a re-enactment of the August 2008 war, showing the cowardly Misha in various stages of his showmanship, the collapse of any semblance of proper military command and control, and with civilians like Mayor Gigi giving orders on their cell phones, with no one in charge.
    Last in the parade would be having Volga 21′s carrying all the derelict, outdated and useless but costly armaments purchased by the government, on their roofs and driving them to the scrap metal yard.

    I haven’t come up with a proper ending to the parade, but maybe they can make a bunch of wooden stocks and put a few of the above mentioned on display in front of Parliament I’ll buy the tomatoes.

    Oh Yea, my suggestion for the ending song, would be “For All the Girl’s I’ve Loved before’, in honor of Misha and his buddies’s “cool” wives

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